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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sun Catcher/Windchime


I am on a roll this week!  The sun is shining today and I remembered that I had not posted about the glass bead suncatcher/windchime that I made recently.  It is hung in my window catching the lovely sunshine.

I had seen lots of lovely suncatchers on Pinterest and decided to have a go at making one myself.  I used a large sink strainer to hang my beads from that I purchased from Amazon.  I used a good selection of glass beads - lampwork, pearls, crystals etc along with some silver plated charms and findings and some chain to hang it with.  I made up lots of bead strings and then attached the to the strainer.

I was so pleased with the finished item!!  It is for indoors only but if you hang it near a window it jingles with the wind!  I took my photo outdoors as the background was nicer and the day that I took the photo was very cloudy and dull.

I used alot of beads and made approx 15 bead strings!  I am going to make some more using a smaller sink strainer to make them more affordable and will take them along to my Christmas Market in December.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Reindeer Treat Box Using Stampin Up's Petite Purse Die

Wow another post from me!!!  I am doing well this week!   I bought Stampin Up's Petite Purse die last year secondhand after having it on my 'want' list for ages.  I then didn't use it as I went off to Goa but I had cut out one purse and assembled it and it has been sat looking at me for ages.  Anyway, I have been trying to think of other ways to use this die and this is the first use I have come up with - a reindeer treat box (I know, Christmas is a long way off!!). 

I didn't follow anyone else's tutorial for this but if you look online, there are some other different ways that people have used this die to make reindeers - just go with whatever tools, punches etc that you have and see what you come up with!

These are the bits that I used to make my treat box.  I initially used small black circles for the pupils of the eyes but thought it would look better with a larger circle - this pic shows the smaller circles.
I used

a circle punch for the nose and stickles to make it sparkle. 
antlers are made from a Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves die
eyes were from the Stampin Up Owl Builder punch
ears are the wings from the Stampin Up Bird Builder punch (I shaped them around the barrel of a pen)

The mouth was more of a challenge as I didn't have a punch  suitable for this so I cut a 1 inch circle and then used a smaller circle punch to cut into it to give me a basic shape with I then trimmed into the mouth shape.  I cut an extra back piece of the purse as well so that I could stick it over the back of the assembled purse to hide the antlers which I had stuck to the back.

With the smaller pupils my reindeer looked like this:  Alittle surprised looking!

I prefer this look

The eye size makes alot of difference doesn't it!

These could be used for a little gift box or with a handle fixed around the back of the antlers to hang on your Christmas tree with a chocolate treat in.

If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will try to help :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Bookmarks Using Stampin Up Punches

Hi Again

We are certainly getting a mixed bag of weather lately.  I don't know whether to wear winter or summer clothing as it has gone from scorching hot to freezing cold in a matter of days.  It does look like it is set to improve though and July looks like it is going to be lovely and sunny!!

I recently came across some lovely bookmarks on Pinterest made by Kim over at Paper Perfect Designs using the Stampin Up Owl Builder punch.  I liked them so much that I made a couple for my little niece who was feeling abit under the weather.

I used the scallop top tag punch for the actual book mark and the Owl Builder Punch the same as Kim had used.  They look really nice and bright and I plan to make more of them for my Christmas Market stall later in the year.

Here are the 2 bookmarks that I made

My niece was really pleased with them!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, 9 May 2016

Hello Again and Pics from Goa

It's been quite a while since I last blogged!  I was in Goa for 3 months and arrived back at the beginning of March so was not doing anything much except relaxing and sunbathing and partying with friends!

The pace of life in Goa is much slower and very laid back and I love it there!

And of course the weather is fabulous (except in the monsoon months when it can rain heavily for hours on end!)

I like to stay in a small village in South Goa - when I first stayed there in 1994, it was a small fishing village but over time it has become more built up and now has alot of restaurants and shops.  It still has a village feel to it though so I still enjoy staying there.  

The local fish market is interesting

and the fruit and veg stalls are very nicely laid out!


The sunsets are amazing and I never tire of taking photos of them!


The beautiful beach goes on for miles and miles so great for beach walks.


Some great wildlife to see



Some even pop into local restaurants!

The market is very colourful and crammed full of interesting items.

Well worth a visit if you haven't been!  I've just booked my ticket to return at the end of November and will be counting down the days!!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Handmade Christmas Market 28 November 2015

This coming Saturday 28 November, we are holding a Handmade Christmas Market so if you are in the Bristol (UK) area we would love to see you.  We have some lovely stalls and even a pop up photo studio!  More details on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hello - it's been a while!

I thought I had better pop on to say hi and show that I am still alive and kicking!  I don't know where the time has gone this year.  Since I got back from India in June the time has whizzed past and now we are nearly into November and I fly out to India again on 1 December!

I have not done much crafting as I have been working and have to be up early to get the bus to town and then by the time I get home I am usually really tired.

I have also been organising a Christmas Market again at my local church hall - not sure that I will have much to sell there this year!

I have made a few bits though so will just post some photos of those for now!!

I will blog properly soon!

Bye for now!