Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The 'C' Word is Coming!!!!

Well as the title says, Christmas is coming - it is frightening to see how fast this year has gone.  I have been trying to avoid thinking about Christmas as I hate doing things too early!  Over on my Facebook page I've had a few people ask me about what things I am making for Christmas this year so I thought perhaps I had better get cracking, especially as I am arranging another Handmade Christmas Market locally so will need a good amount of things for that!

So here are a few of things that I have made so far for Christmas 2014.

I've also done some flannel reindeers ready to decorate, they are all folded into shpae with the bar of soap secured in the midde.  They just need their antlers and faces which i will do nearer the time!

All available on my Facebook page.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lavender Fragranced Flower Brooches

Hi - I've had a little break from blogging as I haven't been up to too much.  August was a terrible month weatherwise, which, after the lovely hot July we had here in the UK was very disapointing!  We've had alot of rain and wind and most days you just couldn't plan anything as the weather was so changeable.  Lots of summer events were cancelled as well which was a shame. 

Anyway - it's been alittle warmer and is supposed to be 'hotting' up over the next week so this will improve my mood for sure!

I've realised we are getting closer to Christmas and I will need to start making things ready for the Christmas Market that I am organising with a friend!  I really don't know where this year has gone, it's just flown by!

I've been making some felt flower brooches and decided that I wanted them to have a fragrance to them so the middles are stuffed with lovely freshly dried lavender from my garden.  A quick squeeze to the middle of the flower releases a gorgeous lavender smell.   These will be great to put onto winter coats as they are nice and bright and the lavender will keep the moths away!!

These are available to buy over on my Facebook page for £4 each plus postage.

I think I am alittle obsessed with lavender this year!!  I bought a tray of 10 lavender plants last week as they were on special offer at Lidl for only £3 so a bargain 30p a plant!!  I've potted them all up now so just hope they grow into nice, healthy bushes.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Lavender Bottles

I'm carrying on with the 'lavender' theme today as my room is full of drying lavender and smelling gorgeous!  Today I have used fresh lavender to make a lavender bottle.

I recently found a book on lavender at a cheap bookstore that is closing down for just 50p.  As well as lots of lavender information, there are some ideas of things to make with lavender.  This idea for lavender bottles appealed to me as you use fresh lavender on the stalk and weave ribbon into it so that when it dries out, the lavenders stays inside of the woven ribbon 'bottle'.

These were made in Victorian times to use for keeping drawers and cupboards smelling fresh and lovely.

I need to get some purple ribbon to match the lavender!  It uses quite a bit of ribbon and as I have a large roll of the red gingham I used that!

I'm quite pleased with it and I'm sure that as I make more of them, my technique will improve!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer's Here!!! Make a Lavender Heart!

Well we are having some glorious weather here in the UK.  Yesterday was very hot and today is supposed to be hotter!  We did experience alot of thunder and lightening last week which meant that some local events had to be cancelled last weekend which was a shame.

Anyway, with the hot weather comes insects and moths!!  I like to keep my bedroom window open during the summer as my room has the sun on it all afternoon so becomes very hot.  I get an army of moths and they are divebombing at me the whole night!  I picked a bunch of lavender from my garden and tied in with some jute the other day and hung it up and that night I didn't get a single moth come to visit!!

Yesterday, I remembered that I had bought a couple of willow heart wreaths at Wilkinsons for 50p each in the sale after Christmas so decided to cover one of them in fresh lavender.

It looks lovely and so simple to make using a glue gun!  I think that once it dries the lavender may drop off but I sprayed some hairspray lightly over it to hopefully hold it abit longer!  Anyway - it smells great and last night there were still no moths in my room although I did have a grasshopper!!

Here is the finished lavender wreath


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Upcycled Chair

Afternoon everyone!

I have been wanting to tidy up this wooden chair for ages.  I use it in my bedroom to sit at my desk and it really was looking sad and tired!!  We have had this chair since the 70's and we still have the extending table that came with it!  We use the table in a spare room for everything from crafting to decorating and more.  Sadly we only have 2 of the chairs left!

Here is how the poor chair looked before the makeover!!

I chose some nice heavy cotton with a pretty strawberry and gingham design on it to recover the seat.  I also bought some wadding to pad it out abit more as well.  Armed with my staple gun I secured it to the bottom of the seat.

For the chair itself, I used a shade called 'Wolf' from the Wickes Chalky Flat Matt range.  It is a taupe kind of shade which goes well with the fabric.  I sanded the chair down and then put several layers of the paint on it. I then lightly sanded it again and distressed it and then waxed it to seal it.

I am pleased with the finished result and it looks much cleaner and nicer now!!

Here is a before and after photo side by side so that you can judge for yourself!

Thanks for popping by!

Friday, 27 June 2014

A day out at Portabello Market

I've been doing a few little days out recently and as a friend of mine was over from India I caught the coach up to meet her.

We had decided that we would spend the day at Portabello Road Market so hopped on the tube to get there.  Nice and easy and not too many people until we hit Portabello and then it was packed!!

There are some lovely properties as you walk away from the underground station towards Portabello.

We met this fella along the roadside and he was so colourful that we got photos taken with him!!  This is me with the Mad Hatter!  Very nice happy chappy.

There are some lovely stalls at Portabello Market with some interesting old objects.  I don't think you will get much of a bargain price wise but you will be sure to pick up something unusual there!

These people were also on the pavement!!  It looked very strange as their heads are inside of their coat giving the impression that they are headless.  It looked very real!!

There were lots of lovely food stalls

Look at the different varieties of mushrooms on this stall!  Who knew there were so many!!

We were exhausted from walking so much on an extremely hot day!  My feet felt ready to fall off!  I made my way back to Victoria ready to catch the coach home after a very enjoyable day in London.