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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I've not posted recently as I was in Marrakech for a few days.  Had a lovely time although it was abit marred by the inefficient service from Ryannair.  There were some lovely handicrafts in the souks, and some beautiful bright colours.

We stayed at a lovely Moroccan style house called a Riad - very chic and stylish, run by a French couple.  The house was within the Medina walls and we had to walk down lots of winding small lanes to reach it.  There was a sun terrace with a jacuzzi on the roof which was lovely as the weather was around 43 degrees!!!

We ate out in the main square on food stalls where the food was stacked up and cooked as you ordered.

 One thing we didn't try was the boiled sheep's head!!!!

We saw some beautiful decorative doorways and lovely tiled fountains.


  1. Looks wonderful. I'm glad you had a lovely time. I think I would have passed on the boiled sheep's head too - yuk!!!

  2. How vibrant & exciting your photos look, thanks for sharing them. Glad you had a good time, apart from the travelling.

  3. ~Beautiful pictures, some really pretty things there aswell as lots of colour¬! x

  4. gorgeous pics Angie, glad you had a good time. Those mosaics and the architecture look fascinating :) x

  5. Ooh you lucky thing - the photos look fab, I have always liked that colourful North African look. Glad you enjoyed yourself Lindaxx

  6. Looks lovely, glad you had a good time

  7. You must have picked up heaps if inspirational ideas on your trip. Your new necklace seems to show that and I commented on it before reading about your trip, Angie.


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