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Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Little Bit of Sewing - Russian Doll

I'm trying to improve my machine sewing on my little trusty machine and saw a lovely little project in the new magazine 'Simply Homemade' for a denim Russian Doll Bag Charm.  It looked quite easy so I decided to have a go!  Well I cut out the sizes given for the fabric then found that the template was too big!  The instructions were incorrect - the size that they gave for the fabric was too small!!  I emailed the magazine and they checked the article and emailed me back to say that there was an error, they'd been given the wrong size!!!

Anyway - as I'd already cut the fabric and didn't want to waste it I simply cut the template down to fit my fabric.

I didn't do too badly stitching the fabric but the sewing the ric rac on one of the pieces was abit of a trauma!!  I unpicked it 3 times until I was happy with it!!!

Here's the finished result

And here it is next to the one in the magazine

I'm going to try this again but make the fabric the right size for the template given in the mag as I found it very fiddly to do it so much smaller!!!  I'm quite pleased with the result even though she has abit of a lopside grin - she's probably laughing at the problems I had with the ric rac!


  1. This is brilliant Angie - I prefer yours to the magazines. Thanks for the heads up for this mag, those stamps are gorgeous and there's a lot of inspiring projects in there too! Just hope they've got the templates right. x

  2. She looks great well done xx


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