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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Felt Christmas Tags

Well it won't be long now until Christmas.  I am not at all prepared this year as my dad has been unwell and is in hospital at the moment so I have been abit tied up with that.  Luckily, I don't have to many gifts to buy!

I helped to organise a 'Handmade Christmas Market last Saturday.  It was a big success and the people in my area really embraced 'Handmade' and came out in their droves to support it.  We had some fantastic feedback and I think we may do it annually now! 

Each year, I find there is one particular item that I make that proves to be really popular.  The year before last, it was some mini gingerbread bunting, last year it was felt Santas with keys attached.  This year it has been my personalised felt tags.

I am busy making more of these this week as I have quite a few ordered.  So far, all of the names have been different.  It's quite surprising really as you usually get a few people with the same name, especially with children as people seem to name their kids with whatever names are trendy at the time!


  1. Preciosos trabajos, muy lindos y útiles ;-))

  2. Preciosos los trabajos, muy útiles para regalar ;-)))

  3. how do i order these gift tags please there super x

    1. Hi Jane
      Please email me for more details.




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