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Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Day Out in Bath

Today, I decided to have a day out.  I've been working this week and the hours have been quite long for me so I have not been able to get out much.

I've not been to Bath for several years and not since they've re-done the shopping centre so I decided to catch the bus there today.  I was shocked at the price of the bus fare though - it cost me £7 and it was only an hour's journey.  Bath is actually much closer but the bus takes the scenic route!!!!

I had a good wander around and looked at some lovely shops.  Bath is one of those places where you can just walk around and keep discovering little narrow roads of interesting shops that you didn't notice before.  Lots of shops selling hand sewn/shabby chic things.  It's a good job I don't live in a house of my own with lots of space as I would have bought lots of knick knacks today!!!!

There are some lovely buildings and pretty green areas around the city.  I always like to look up above me as well as around me as you sometimes see fantastic buildings that aren't at eye level.

Parade Gardens


Pulteney Bridge

Bath is famous for it's Roman Baths

So when I saw this building I thought it must be connected to the thermal waters from the baths.

I've just looked to find out more and it was founded in 1738 and known then as The Mineral Water Hospital.  It looked after poor, sick patients who came to Bath looking to be cured with the thermal waters. 

Whilst wandering, I came across this fabulous shop in Walcot Street which had lots and lots of birdcages and other Victorian style furniture.  I could have had a field day in this shop.  I was tempted to get birdcage but really don't have anywhere at present to house it!!!  I will keep this wonderful shop in mind though for when I do have room!!!

I then came across this shop on my way back to the bus station.  It's a clothing shop but all of it's windows are filled from top to bottom with old Singer sewing machines.  It looked absolutely stunning, sadly, my photo of this is not great as it was starting to get alittle dark.

If you live around the South West of England then I'd recommend a trip to Bath, I'll be going again as there is still lots to see there.


  1. Thanks for sharing your piccies of Bath. The bird cage shop looks heavenly and I have to say that if I had the room I'd have one in a heartbeat. I have one of those old sewing machines complete with the original oil tin and needle packets etc, can't imagine I'd ever get rid of it.x

  2. Oh it looks beautiful there. Its one place that i have never visited. Must add it to my list of must goes ;O)

    Choccy xx

  3. Thankyou for reminding me of what a beautiful city Bath is. Its years since we visited. Is Sally Lunns Teashop still there? Thankyou for sharing your piccies xx

  4. looks like you had a fab time! we went to Bath for my birthday in July a couple of years ago and went round the Baths, we found it really interesting :) xx


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