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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cards Made by my 9 yr old Niece

My 9 year old niece Issy has recently got interested in making cards.  I took her along to a craft show in Bristol which she really enjoyed.  She picked up some bits and pieces there and I've given her some things as well.  I also put lots of digis and backing papers onto a pen drive for her so that she can print them off whenever she wants to.

I thought I'd share a couple of cards that she has made recently.  The first one was for Easter

 and this next one was for her uncle's birthday.  She bought the peel offs from Little Claire at the craft show we went to and saw a few cards that they had made using them.

I think she has done very well, I've only just seen the cards and had no input into them at all!!  She now wants to get a little stamp to put on the back to say 'Made By Issy'!!! 

It's lovely to see children interested in crafts and being creative.


  1. fantastic cards, well done to your niece :)

  2. Well done your neice I love them both but that cat one is wonderful xx

  3. Fab cards - very clever use of the peel offs. xx

  4. Now there's a crafter in the making! Way to go, Issy!


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