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Sunday, 19 June 2011

An Eventful Day!

Well this week was going nicely, had my mum's birthday - I cooked several different Indian dishes and we had a lovely dinner at home with just immediate family.

I sold a few Sock Kitties and a few other bits so that was good but on Friday I went to the Post Office to post one of the kitties and came out and was trying to cross a road when a parked car suddenly reversed back and knocked me over onto the road.  I was lookinig at the oncoming traffic so I didn't even see it coming.  The worse part was that I was on the floor and he was still reversing.  I don't think I've ever been so frightened in my life. The driver just didn't see me and he didn't even realise he had hit me.  He heard shouting and stopped and then saw he'd hit me.  I can't believe how lucky I was not to be badly injured.  The driver was very nice and apologetic and swore he had looked in his mirrors but must have had a blind spot.  He gave me all of his details and a lady that had crossed over to help did the same.  I fell onto my hip so was hurting abit and then had to hobble down the road to meet my mum whilst trying to hold back my tears.  I was sore and bruised on the side I fell and then yesterday woke up with very bad back ache around the rib area where the car had hit me.  I took some anti inflamatory tablets last night and it seems to have done the trick.   

It really hit home to me though that all it takes is a few seconds for something life changing to happen.  If I'd been a child, the driver might not have even heard the shouting and driven over me.  Luckily, I'm here to tell the tale. 

Thanks to everyone that knows me on Facebook that took the time to post and make sure I was ok - it meant alot to me.  Shame that one or 2 people that I once thought cared alot about me didn't care enough to check I was ok!  C'est La Vie!


  1. OMG how awful - it must have been such a shock to you - I do hope you are on the mend now

  2. I didnt see a post on fb about this!!! You poor thing massive (((((hugs)))) thank god it wasnt more serious!!!

    Take care

  3. OMG glad your ok sorry didn't see the post on FB as it keeps locking my computer up

  4. Good grief . Hope you're ok . You need to go the hospital really just to check thingsout properly. It must have been terrifying. Hugs to you .

    trisha x

  5. Oh crikey Angie - how very frightening for you. So glad to read that you're OK albeit rather sore. Hope you'll soon be on the up and get plenty of rest til then. x

  6. OMG Angie how scary for you. You really should go and get checked out properly. I hope the driver has rung to check you're OK? Sending you huge but gentle hugs hun. Take care Claire xx

  7. So glad your ok and not too much aching today. Take care of yourself, big hug xx

  8. Good grief, hope you're ok today? If you're still achy make sure to get yourself checked out.

    I prescribe tea and crafting for the rest of the week ;)

  9. oh what a terrible shock you must have had Angie, I am so glad it wasnt worse though, look after yourself and if you find the pain continuing you MUST get it checked out, hugs Gemma xx

  10. Hi Angie,

    Sorry to read about what happened to you. Really you are OK, and as the other girls have said, please go and get yourself checked out, to make sure there is no real damage, and just to get it logged, incase you things are not quite as they should be and you need to make a claim against the driver at a later date. Huge gentle hugs xxxx


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