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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Jute Twine Flowers

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  I had a nice day out yesterday at a Vintage Texile Fair.  It's not a huge fair but nice with some interesting bits and bobs there.

I was looking through Pinterest today for the first times in ages and came across this fab tutorial from The Bug Bytes for a flower made from twine.  You could make this flower with any kind of thread so long as it wasn't too soft.  I made mine using thick jute twine.  The tutorial gives a step by step guide with photos, so easy to follow.  You don't need much in the way of supplies, just some card and pins to make your loom and your choice of twine and a large eyes needle to stitch the back at the end.

Here is the one that I made

I am happy with how it came out but I may try it with a larger circle next as the twine I used is pretty thick!! You can use any size circle, it's really up to you!!  If you were using thinner twine then you could wrap it around the loom more than 2 times - the choice is yours.  I'm not going to post a tutorial as the one that I used here is great so pointless to do another.  Go and have play and see what you come up with!!

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