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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Another Tealight Holder!!

Hello to you all again!! 

We've had some really miserable weather this week in my part of the UK.  My city, Bristol has seen flooding in places where it's not been seen before.  Of course our flooding does not compare to floods that other parts of the world have experienced in the past and more recently the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.  It does make you wonder what on earth is happening with the weather these days though.

Anyway onto jam jars - after seeing my little jam jar tealight holder, my sister decided she also wanted one so I made her one last night!!  I made hers slightly different as individuality is a good thing!!  Here it is

I used twine and buttons on her one and I quite like it!  I avoided using glue as if the jar gets hot, glue may go sticky and get messy!  Even if your sewing is not the best, it won't matter on these as none of your stitches will show!!  They get hidden under the lace flowers!
My 11 year old niece wants one as well but my mum is not keen on her having candles in her bedroom so looks like nanny's word will be final.  Maybe I can make her one to be used as a pen pot or something!!!


  1. You could make one for your daughter and use a battery operated tealight.

  2. Oops! Your niece, not your daughter. Sorry!


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