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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vintage Style Tealight Holder

Good morning - it's very cold this morning.  I'm finding it very hard to get out of my warm bed each day now the cold weather is upon us.  I hate the cold and I used to spend the entire winter in India to avod it as it was lovely and sunny there.  I think my blood has thinned though over the years of doing that and I am no longer able to cope well in cold conditions.

Anyway - I've had my eye on an empty jar for a few weeks now and forgot to claim it so it went in the bin so yesterday I had to retrieve it before the bin men came and took it.  I wanted to make a tealight holder with it.  Initially I was going to use wire around the top and make a handle but that didn't work out as the wire was not flexible enough!!

Last night, whilst sat watching the Walking Dead, I came up with this vintage style holder. 

I think it's pretty and it looks lovely when it's lit up with a tealight inside of it.

Very simple to do, just get an empty jar and tightly pull some wide width lace around the jar.  I overstitched where the lace meets to hold it onto the jar. 
Next I made some simple ribbon flowers by just doing a running stitch along the edge of the ribbon and then pulled the thread to gather it and stitched the edges together. 
I then stitched the flowers onto the lace on the jar to cover the stitches I had made earlier.  I popped a ribbon around the neck of the jar and made a bow.  Voila, one pretty vintage style tealight holder!!


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  1. Angie, that's so pretty, I'm going to have a go at that myself, thank you.


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