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I enjoy crafting and like to try my hand at different things. If there is anything that you see on here that you would like made, please feel free to contact me bumblebeescraftden@gmail.com or by going to my page on Facebook www.facebook.com/bumblebeescraftden. You can post on the wall or send me a message there. I appreciate any comments that people leave so please feel free to comment!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to anyone that's a mum, sadly, I'm not a mum but hey ho!

Anyway - I've made a couple of cards this week - the first was of course for my mum for Mother's Day.  I used myTim Holtz Caged Bird die that I had for Christmas for this one as it is a favourite of mine. I also used a Sizzix flourish die I had bought a while back but not used before.  I think a card always looks nicer with a flourish!!!  I used alot of stickles on the card to make it sparkley and some paper flowers.  The lettering was done using Tim Holtz Vintage Market Alphabet die.  Here it is

The second card that I made was for my friend Shayne's birthday.  He was 40 yesterday!!!  As I couldn't go to the party I thought I'd make him a card instead.  He has 3 Chocolate Point Siamese cats so last year when I saw a Siamese cat stamp set on offer at Joanne Sheen I bought it with his birthday in mind!  It's tough doing cards for guys at the best of times and I didn't want to make it too fussy so this is what I came up with

Have to say the cat was really difficult to colour and I could probably do with practising blending those colours abit more!  Anyway I think it came out ok and he was pleased with it.  He didn't realise I had made it until I told him and he went to fetch it for another closer look!!

A friend of mine has always dabbled with music and has always had a soft spot for 80's type music.  He has made various tracks and cd's over the years and passed them around to friends but this time he has done it properly and is selling the album and individual tracks over on itunes.  He made a fab video whilst in Melbourne.  Here is the song - have a listen - WARNING contains men kissing!

If you are interested in purchasing this or any more of the album you can do so here.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

After a Long Break!

Well hello again to all in Blogland.  I didn't realise how long I'd been away!!!  This is the first time I've looked at my blog in ages - is that really bad???  Anyway - it's lovely to see that I have some new followers, so welcome to you and hi to everyone else that is still here!!

The main reason for me taking a break is that I've been working full time and finding it very hard to get the time to craft or do anything much esle.  I'm really missing crafting so kinda sad about that.  However, I have been making my sock monkeys and kitties and a few other bits and pieces when I get the chance.

I've been reading abit more lately as well - not sure if I've mentioned it before but I'm a huge True Blood fan so have read the whole set of those books as well as re-watching the whole 4 seasons again!!  I also like The Walking Dead so have been watching that as well.  I like most Vampire, Werewolf and Zombie themed tv shows but have never got into The Twilight movies - just find them tame and no story, they just don't appeal to me!!  Anyway, a work colleague who is also abit of a vamp/wolf geek has now introduced me to anthor author Patricia Briggs so I am now working my way through the Mercy Thompson stories!! 

I've made some bag charms to tie into the Vamp theme as well

Talking of bag charms - it's Mother's Day soon so I've also made a few with 'Mum' on as well.

I've made lots of sock animals leading up to Christmas and most can be seen in the gallery on my Facebook Page - you will also find the bag charms there as well if anyone is interested :)

Here's a sock monkey that I've just finished

I'm thinking of taking a trip to New York but as would be expected I need to combine sightseeing with craft shopping!  If any of my followers are New Yorkers, can you tell me how far out in the suburbs would I need to go for the closest Joann's and Michaels stores - safe suburbs preferably lol!!!!  I'd have to go by bus or subway also....... Thanks!

I've started up a new Facebook page called The Bee's Knees Crafting Bits, selling some lovely charms, findings and any other crafting bits I come across.  If you are into Steampunk there are clocks and keys for sale there which may be of interest to you.  You can find the page here, there is a minimum spend of £1.70 plus postage due to paypal fees :'(  I am selling the charms individually so that you can choose your own mix.  Hope to see you there!

Anyway - that's all from me for now, I will endeavour to post regularily now!!!

Toodle Pip!