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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Papier Mache Bowl

Well hello!

I am blogging after quite some time!  When I came back from India at the end of June I didn't really have anything to blog about and I haven't been feeling very creative so had not made anything much either!

Recently, I've been thinking about what to make for Christmas this year and have made a few things.  I am flying out to Goa on 1 December for 3 months so won't really need to do much this year but I will make up some things to take out as gifts for friends.

One thing I have made are these large gingerbread men to hang from the door.  They are quite a bit bigger than my usual tree decoration ones and look lovely hung on doors.  I am going to personalise them with a tag like the one in the photo below.

I've also made some more of the tags I used on the gingerbread men and put Christmas words on them.  They are quite a nice little size to add onto gifts.

I've also made some more little fox brooches which are cute.

I have been getting messy this week doing a papier mache bowl.  I started making the bowl as something to do with my 7 year old niece but she lost interest after about 5 minutes!!  Anyway, as I had already started it, I thought I may as well complete the project!!  It was messy work and pretty time consuming but I love the end result.  I haven't done papier mache since I was a kid!  

The bowl is around 14cm in diameter.  It is quite solid and has a good weight to it as well.  I am looking around the house for a larger bowl now so that I can make a fruit bowl!

That's it for now!