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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer's Here!!! Make a Lavender Heart!

Well we are having some glorious weather here in the UK.  Yesterday was very hot and today is supposed to be hotter!  We did experience alot of thunder and lightening last week which meant that some local events had to be cancelled last weekend which was a shame.

Anyway, with the hot weather comes insects and moths!!  I like to keep my bedroom window open during the summer as my room has the sun on it all afternoon so becomes very hot.  I get an army of moths and they are divebombing at me the whole night!  I picked a bunch of lavender from my garden and tied in with some jute the other day and hung it up and that night I didn't get a single moth come to visit!!

Yesterday, I remembered that I had bought a couple of willow heart wreaths at Wilkinsons for 50p each in the sale after Christmas so decided to cover one of them in fresh lavender.

It looks lovely and so simple to make using a glue gun!  I think that once it dries the lavender may drop off but I sprayed some hairspray lightly over it to hopefully hold it abit longer!  Anyway - it smells great and last night there were still no moths in my room although I did have a grasshopper!!

Here is the finished lavender wreath