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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Scarves, Holidays and More!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We actually had some sun today in Bristol although it was very windy.  I started clearing out some of the huge amount of rubbish that we have in our garage. If we do it abit at a time it won't seem so tedious!!!  We had an old style electric sewing machine which I managed to re-home on Freecycle so that was good.  It's always nice to try and find something that still has some life left in it a new home rather than taking it to the tip!!

I wanted to share with you a couple of new scarves that I have bought recently.  I love scarves and have a large collection of them in all different colours, textures and sizes!  The first one I want to show you was purchased from Tesco, they just had the one and I spotted it by chance!!  It's a lovely turquoise colour with a vintage style rose tapestry print on it.  It goes with lots of outfits as there are many colours it besides the turquoise - red, pink, green and yellow.

The other scarf I bought from Sainsbury, it was £8 and I didn't really want to spend that on a scarf that day!!  Anyway, the next day I saw an advert on tv saying that there was 25% off at Sainsbury so off I trotted to get the scarf for £6!!!  It's a huge scarf, big enough to wear as a sarong if I wanted to!!  It is a lovely maroon/red and has the most adorable swallows/bluebirds on it.

The photos don't show the colours to their best as I've taken the photos at night!!  I'm sure they give you a general idea though!!  For any followers not in the UK these were both bought in supermarkets in the clothing department!

I'm off on holiday in 2 weeks to Malaysia.  We fly to Kuala Lumpur and spend a night there and then fly to Penang the next day for 8 nights and then back to Kuala Lumpur for 4 nights.  I've been to KL 3 times before, it's a great city with lots to do and see and fantastic shopping malls!!  I'm hoping to find some craft/haberdashery shops there, I believe there are alot in Chinatown so I will be having a good look!!

I've been making lots of fabric flowers and have some lovely cotton prints to use.

 I am making them into brooches and hair clips at the moment!!

You can find them over on my Facebook page - Bumble Bees Craft Den.

Well that's it for now, enjoy your Sunday whatever you are doing!!