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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Jute Twine Flowers

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  I had a nice day out yesterday at a Vintage Texile Fair.  It's not a huge fair but nice with some interesting bits and bobs there.

I was looking through Pinterest today for the first times in ages and came across this fab tutorial from The Bug Bytes for a flower made from twine.  You could make this flower with any kind of thread so long as it wasn't too soft.  I made mine using thick jute twine.  The tutorial gives a step by step guide with photos, so easy to follow.  You don't need much in the way of supplies, just some card and pins to make your loom and your choice of twine and a large eyes needle to stitch the back at the end.

Here is the one that I made

I am happy with how it came out but I may try it with a larger circle next as the twine I used is pretty thick!! You can use any size circle, it's really up to you!!  If you were using thinner twine then you could wrap it around the loom more than 2 times - the choice is yours.  I'm not going to post a tutorial as the one that I used here is great so pointless to do another.  Go and have play and see what you come up with!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vintage Hearts

I recently bought some Sizzix Framelit Heart dies and have been making good use of them!!  I love hanging hearts and have several different types hung in my room.  I recently purchased a nice large slate one which I can use to jot down things that I need to remember.  At the moment it has details of the Vintage Chic Wedding Cupcake decorating course I am going along to on 16 March with Custom Cake Classes - I was due to do this course in December but the class got cancelled, hope this one gets enough people booked onto it!

I've been making some vintage inspired felt hanging hearts in a lovely vibrant red felt. 

I bought another doily die last week from ebay - I have quite a few doily dies and love them.  Some of them like the Cheery Lyn ones look fab but do not cut very easily and you have to keep moving the die around and run it back and forth in your die cutting machine.  The one I bought last week was a newish one from Xcut and it cuts like a dream.  Some of the bits get stuck in the die but that's fine, I can live with that so long as it cuts the card properly without too much effort!  It's part of the Vintage Notes range.  I also bought a couple of the stamps from that range and the paper pack.  The die is retailing for around £9.99 but I got it on ebay for £7.99 - there is a lovely heart die in this range as well which I will be getting next!!

Here is the lovely heart one that I want!!!

Thanks for popping by!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Blood, Gore and Horror Stories!!!

I thought I do a seperate post for this as not everyone likes supernatural, horror, blood and gore!  I do and I love watching some of the excellent tv shows that are around like True Blood, The Walking Dead, Grimm and American Horror Story (which I've just got into!!).

I am counting down the days until The Walking Dead is back on TV. For those of you not familiar with it, it's a great series about Zombies haha. It's in it's second season and has quite a large fanbase. If you don't mind blood and gore, then check it out!!

I've just finished watching Season 1 and 2 of American Horror Story - it was really good and quite dark.  The titles and theme tune are quite creepy on their own!  Both seasons are a different storyline and very different from each other but have alot of the same cast taking different roles which is great.  There are also a few cast members from other shows like True Blood and Heroes.  Season 1 is set in a haunted house nicknamed 'The Murder House' and Season 2 is set in an Asylum.  If you haven't seen it and horror is your cup of tea then this show is a must!!

Good news for True Blood fans, shooting for Season 6 started in early January and it should be on our screens in June.  It will be a shorter season this time due to Anna Paquin (who plays Sookie Stackhouse) giving birth to twins last year and being on maternity leave until recently.  I'm certainly looking forward to seeing Eric Northman (Alexander Skarskard) back on my screen!!  Here's a pic of him just to remind ourselves of how awesome he is!!!

and as Eric the Vampire!!

Be sure to check out some of these fab tv shows if you haven't already!!!!

New Makes!!

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening - depending on where you are!!

The weather has been very mixed here in the UK - some places getting snow whilst in the South West, we have had a mixture of sun, rain, hail and high winds!!  I've not been out much lately as I can't bear the cold!  As I am typing this thre is brilliant sunshine but it's very cold out there!!

I've made a few bits and pieces so thought I would show you them.

First of all another felt phone pouch with a cute bird on it.  The colour of the pouch is a really lovely deep teal but I cannot get a photo to do it justice!! No matter how I try, I cannot capture the wonderful colour properly!

The background of the photo is a new tea tray that I picked up in the sale in Debenhams.  I love it and it makes a great background for my photos!!

The next thing is a very simple heart bookmark - I saw the initial idea on Pinterest on this blog and she also has a template for the heart.  I recently bought a set of Sizzix Framelits Hearts so I used one of those for mine!!  I used a small co-ordinating heart and a button to decorate mine.  (The book I've used is the one I am currently reading!!)

Whilst I had my heart dies out, I made some mini heart bunting from felt and appliqued felt letters to spell the word 'LOVE'.  I used natural jute to hang them with as I like the rustic feel it gives to them.

Lastly, I made some felt bunting for my niece as it's her birthday soon.  I used an x-cut Pennant die that I bought recently and one of the heart dies again.  I handstitched the pennants and dies and then machine stitched them to the bias binding.  I am really pleased with how they came out - they are very pretty and as my niece loves pink, I'm sure she wll be thrilled with the bunting.

Hope you are all having a great week and thanks for stopping by!