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Easy Creamy Courgette Soup

This is a very easy and tasty soup to make.  It is fantastic for getting rid of the glut of courgettes that many home growers will find themselves with at this time of year.  I know soup isn't something that people eat so much of in the summer but this one really is nice and light and could be eaten hot or cold.

We have courgettes coming out of our ears and we had several that had got a bit big and were more like marrows so I used these to make my soup but you can use smaller ones as well.
I used a large saucepan to cook mine in and transferred it to a smaller one once blended.
I don’t measure or weigh much when cooking so you can really please yourself with the amounts!


1 or 2 large onions (chopped)

Courgettes (I used 2 marrow sized ones and a small one) (sliced and then cut into smaller pieces)

Dried mixed herbs

Curry powder

Salt and black pepper


Stock (I used 5 or 6 veggie Oxo cubes and around 800ml of boiling water)

Single cream/Creme Fraiche

1   Melt the butter in your pan and then add the chopped onions, add a good handful of dried herbs then stir and cook until the onions are soft.

2   Add your courgettes and give the mixture another good stir, add some salt and pepper, more herbs if you want to and some curry powder (not too much as you don’t want to overpower the taste of the courgettes!).

3  Cook for a few minutes and then add the vegetable stock.

     Give it another stir and then bring to boil and reduce heat to simmer and cook until courgettes are soft.

4   Blend the whole mixture and transfer to a clean saucepan and then add the cream according to taste.

Serve with crusty bread!


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