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I enjoy crafting and like to try my hand at different things. If there is anything that you see on here that you would like made, please feel free to contact me bumblebeescraftden@gmail.com or by going to my page on Facebook www.facebook.com/bumblebeescraftden. You can post on the wall or send me a message there. I appreciate any comments that people leave so please feel free to comment!!!

Tutorial - Adding a Picture and Link to your Sidebar

Make sure you are in 'Dashboard' view on your blog.

Go into 'Design' where you should see ‘Add and Arrange Page Elements’ at the top.

Click on 'Add a Gadget' just below that, which will bring up a whole list of things you can add. Scroll down to 'Picture' and click on the + sign.

You can then add your title - eg 'Bumble Bee's Candy' and in the caption I usually put the date the candy ends. In the link you can paste in the URL (web address) of the blog giving the candy eg http://bumblebeescraftden.blogspot.com/

You will need to have downloaded the photo of the candy from the blog doing the giveaway and have saved it to your computer/laptop.

You now go to the image part and click on browse to find it on your computer/laptop and select the image, keep the 'shrink to fit' box checked and then click on 'Save' and you are done!!!

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