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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some New Fabric Buys and a Great Charity Shop!!

I popped into town yesterday and as my bus stops right outside of the fabric shop I can never ever resist popping in there!!!

The have got some gorgeous cotton fabrics in this year.  I found it hard to choose!!

I only took half a metre of each of these in the end

and thay had some new bundles of fat quarter!!!!  Yay!!!  They had the most fabulous design and in one bundle it was in purple and red with co-ordinating polka dots FQ's and in another it was hot pink and pale blue with the co-ordinating polka FQ's.  That made a total of 4 FQ's in each bundle.  I could not choose between the colours so took a bundle of each!!  I love them!!

Here they are

I might attempt to make some tissue cases with these, I think they will look great!!!

I also popped into a little charity shop that I'd been told about called Marina and Friends Fundraisers - if you are in Bristol and in the Brislington area, do pop in.  It's an independant charity shop run by a lovely lady called Marina who fundraises for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases - you can find out more about this here.  You can read more about Marina's shop here and join her page to show your support!  It is the smallest shop I've ever been into and I had to almost push my way in yesterday!!  It's very popular locally and Marina knows everyone by name!!  The prices are fantastic as Marina believes in moving stock out of the shop as quickly as possible and making whatever money for the charity that she can.  There are lots of books priced at just 20p each and cheaper if you buy a bulk amount!!  I picked up some books, cotton thread, a few craft items and  a lovely small vintage cut glass dish.

Here's the dish - not a great photo I'm afraid but I'm sure you will know the type of thing I mean!!!

I guess at one time this had a large triffle bowl to go with it but now it will go in my bedroom!!!  I love this style of glassware!

If you have any unwanted items and are local to the shop, please think about donating the items to this worthwhile cause.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogger Playing up - Apologies

Just wanted to say sorry for not being able to comment on posts today.  I have looked at everyone's lovely makes but every time I try to comment it wants me to log in then when I do it says I'm not signed in and won't let me comment.  I've tried several times.

Will try again tomorrow.

Cupcake Pincushions

Yesterday, I had a play with some felt and made a couple of cupcake pincushions.

I think they look quite sweet and they will be useful as well so can't be bad!!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cards Made by my 9 yr old Niece

My 9 year old niece Issy has recently got interested in making cards.  I took her along to a craft show in Bristol which she really enjoyed.  She picked up some bits and pieces there and I've given her some things as well.  I also put lots of digis and backing papers onto a pen drive for her so that she can print them off whenever she wants to.

I thought I'd share a couple of cards that she has made recently.  The first one was for Easter

 and this next one was for her uncle's birthday.  She bought the peel offs from Little Claire at the craft show we went to and saw a few cards that they had made using them.

I think she has done very well, I've only just seen the cards and had no input into them at all!!  She now wants to get a little stamp to put on the back to say 'Made By Issy'!!! 

It's lovely to see children interested in crafts and being creative.

Tenderfoot - A fab gift shop in Bristol

A few days back I told you about a lovely gift shop in Bristol called Tenderfoot.  At the time I hadn't visited the shop myself but yesterday made time to do just that.

I caught the bus into town and then got onto a number 1 bus which took me almost to the door, so nice and easy to get to and on a bus route!!!

I spotted the shop before I reached it as it is painted a lovely Aqua colour which makes it stand out nicely!

Inside I met Lori and Helen who own the shop and have been running it together since last year.  Both ladies are lovely and welcoming and I had a nice chitchat with them both!

The shop is like an Aladdin's Cave of both kitsch 'bought in' goodies and locally handrcrafted treats that make the ideal gift..  It's easy to lose yourself there for quite some time!!

I took along a few of my crafty makes and they are now displayed in the shop - can you spot my sock kitty in the pic below??

There's just so much to look at!!!

I love this vintage dolly design - I picked up some cupcake cases and wrapping paper whilst I was there in the same design!!!

I love these coloured jamjars with little wire handles - they would be great for summer garden get togethers with a little tealight in them!!

They also stock fabulous fabric bunting, paper bunting and paper chains in lovely designs.

As well as a wide range of gifts, Lori and Helen hold workshops and crafty get togethers.  They also host mini gallery events for new artists.

For further details you can take a look at their website or their Facebook Page .

If you live in the Bristol area, or are here on your hols or even just passing through, I'd recommend a visit to Tenderfoot.  I guarantee that you won't leave there empty handed though!!!!

Russian Doll Lace Deco Tape

Wooo - I have to share with you the tape that I just purchased on ebay.  I've fallen in love with it and just had to have it even though I know I won't want to use it on anything as it's just too nice!!!!

Here it is

Isn't it gorgeous!!!  It will be winging it's way to me from Hong Kong shortly and cost approx £4.90 for a 25 metre roll.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Help Needed!!!!

Ok - I have been trying to get a banner/header across the top of my blog without success.  I want the little banner I have at the top already but I want it to go across the whole of the top instead of my blog name on the left as it is at the moment.  I've been seeing this done on lots of your blogs and it looks so nice.  I've tried many ways and someone tried to help me but we still didn't manage to get it to work.  I have the banner in the correct format and size saved on my laptop so if anyone has a solution I'd be really grateful!!

This is the banner I want to use

Edit - I think I've cracked it!!!!!

Many thanks

Oooh it's been a Week Since I last Blogged!!!

Well I thought I'd better post something as I've been told off by my friend Justine for not blogging for at least a week!!!  Time flies by when you are having fun eh!!!

Well I've not done much crafting recently except a few bag charms using some glass tiles that I got recently.  I've made a couple of necklaces with them as well.  I've also been getting some things ready to take along to a fab little gift shop called Tenderfoot in Bristol.  You can find their website here and their Facebook page hereIf you are in the Bristol area, pop by and have a look.  I haven't been along yet but know someone who has!!!!  I am hoping to go there very soon!!!

Last weekend, I got glammed up and went with a friend to an evening wedding reception.  It took us ages to find the venue as it was a renovated mill in the middle of the countryside!!!  We only stayed a couple for hours and then hotfooted it to the casino. 

The next day we went off to explore the Gloucestershire countryside.  We drove up to the Sharpness area and walked along by the canal and the River Severn.  It's very scenic there and we went along some lovely tree lined country roads.

There were a few boats on the river including some barges.

Some beautiful swans

and some extremely cute ducklings
We walked along the towpath with the canal on one side and the Severn on the other.  The Severn tide was out that day and it was strange to see such a vast riverbed empty of water.

I took a some photos in Sepia mode and I think they capture the landscape nicely.

We stopped off in Frampton upon Severn and had some lunch and then drove back to Bristol.

All in all, a lovely weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lace Tape!!!

For anyone not keen on paying the huge postage costs at Cox and Cox for lace tape, here is a cheaper alternative, I've just ordered a roll myself!!!  £2.50 with free postage!!!!

They also have a wider width one available in several designs for £4.99 with free postage.  Forgot to say it's coming from China!

Go on - you know you want it!!!!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Lace Sellotape!!

Following on from my last post when I showed you the lovely lacey sellotape that Bee Happy used on my prize parcels, Deb has said that she got it from Cox And Cox but thinks that John Lewis might sell it as well!!  I have been investigating and found some others that are available with input by Claire at What Shall I make Today!!

Claire found this one here for £4.25

Have a look at this one for £6.50 - how gorgeous is that!!!!

and this one for £5.50

Wow - these are fab, £3.95
There are lots and lots on Etsy as well.  I think this is another thing to go on my 'I want' list!!!!! 
Please feel free to comment and add any other ones that you find!!!!

I Won Over at Bee Happy!!!!

I was lucky enough to win some lovely candy over at Bee Happy and it arrived today.  Pop over and have a look at Bee Happy!

All of the things were wrapped individually in brown paper and sealed with some gorgeous tape with a lace design on it.  Deb if you are reading this perhaps you can tell me where this is from as it is so pretty!!!!

Here's what I received

The wooden heart is already hanging up in my room!!!

Sorry the pics aren't great but I had to use my phone as my camera battery is flat!!!!

Thank you Deb for picking me to win this candy.