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Friday, 23 July 2010

Wedding Card

After about 1 week of not making any cards and not being at all motivated to make any, I decided I needed to make some wedding cards as I have none in my box of cards to sell!!!

So far I have only made one but I am pleased with it as it's abit different to my normal type of card.

I used some grey flourish backing paper and a birdcage image which I downloaded free, some paper flowers which I made frilly with patterned scissors, my MS Doilly punch and some stick on pearl things that I have had for ages!!  I then stickled it all and used some card candy.

Here it is


  1. Beautiful card. Love the flourish paper and the birdcage is beautiful. x

  2. gorgeous card Angie, the birdcage is lovely :) xx

  3. Lovely card. I love the image and I do so want that punch. X

  4. Oh, that's so pretty, the bird cage image is gorgeous and perfect for a wedding card.

  5. Lovely, so delicate and pretty.

  6. Lovely card. Love the flowers.

  7. Beautiful! This is so so pretty x


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