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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cherry on Top Award!!

I've been sent a lovely award from Susan (AKA TomsMom), Gem (AKA Gemm85) and Jan (AKA ScattyJan)

I have to do 5 things

1) Thank the person/s who passed on the award - so thank you very much Susan, Gemma and Jan!!

2) Post the award on my blog - DONE!!!!

3) List 3 things about myself that I like
(i) I enjoy my own company and will never be bored!!!
(ii) I like to get things right and will keep on at something until I am happy with it!
(iii)I like to travel and don't mind doing it alone - I'm glad about this as I have seen many places and met a variety of lovely people.

4) Post a picture that you love
This was taken at Fishermans Wharf, San Francisco - these sea lions are fantastic and don't have a care in the world!!

5) Pass this award onto 5 people

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