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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Greetings from Sunny California

Ok - I've not blogged for a few weeks and that is because I am in sunny California for a few months!!!!  It's very hot and sunny here and I am so glad I bought some decent sunglasses with me as the sun is very strong on the eyes!!

The other day I decided to catch the BART (light railway) into San Francisco.  It's not that far, around 30 minutes or so but it was the first time I had gone there alone.  I find it difficult to get buses to wherever I want to go once in San Francisco so generally end up walking.  For those of you that have never been to SF there are lots of very steep hills like this

and they go on and on like this
As I have a bad foot at the moment I sort of limped around but covered quited a large area - the map below shows my trek!!!  I started at the bottom marked cross and walked up to the top cross and back again!

I wanted to visit an old bead shop called Yone - it is full up of every type of bead you could think of and owned by a very interesting man who knows everything there is to know about beads.  It is easy to spend ages in the shop just chatting to him.  The bead prices start from 3c and go up to $300 per bead!!!!  I enjoyed my visit there and bought some pretty beads, at the cheaper end of the price range!!!!
I then headed to Powell Street BART station and headed into Old Navy to use their toilet and have a look at their clearance section as they usually have great bargains in it!!  I wasn't disappointed as they had a BOGOF on all sale stuff so I got 4 tops for £1.39 each!!!!  After this I headed to the BART and managed to get a direct train almost straight away.  I will probably go into SF this coming week also as there is a paper/craft shop I'd like to have a look at!!!!


  1. Jealous moi?? never ;) Looks fantastic and your soooo not missing anything in the UK (well apart from the cold and rain!). Have fun. x

  2. OMG I've just clicked on the link to the bead shop. I think I would have bankrupt myself there. Jaqui x

  3. Sounds like you are having such a great time, so sorry your foot is causing you trouble xxx


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