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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bristol Harbour Festival

This weekend was the annual Bristol Harbour Festival.  It's a fab free event which has something for everyone whatever your age.

This year my dad expressed an interest in coming along as he had never been before, so the pair of us caught the bus into town for our day out!

The buses were packed and so was the motorway leading into the city.  When we got into town, the centre of Bristol was filled with people.  The water fountains in the city centre had an orange dye in them and were full of children!!

We started off by walking down one side of the harbour and went by numerous food stalls selling every kind of food you could think of!  We then crossed over to Queens Square where there was a French Market all around the square with more food stalls and on the green a large stage was set up with a band playing.  The grass area was full of people sitting down watching the band.  I don't think we could have found a space if we'd wanted to!!!!  There were more food and drink stalls set up around the green and the atmosphere was great.

We decided then to cross over the harbour to the opposite side but at the trumpet style bridge, they were only allowing people to cross from the other side so we had to walk back to where we had started. The other side was shady and cool and the pubs lining the waterside were packed!  We stopped off for a quick drink in Wetherspoons and then wandered around the little market that was there.  We heard some fantastic, lively music coming from a stage and made our way to it.  The group that were playing were called 'The Carny Villains' and they were brilliant.  They had so much energy and enthusiasm and the crowd loved them.  Both dad and I enjoyed the music and bought a cd from them afterwards.  If you want to hear how good they are here's one of their fab tracks

There was so much going on and such a nice community spirit.  There were people of all ages and all were having a great time.

The old Matthew ship was there and we were just in time to see it sailing off down the river.

Dad and I had a lovely day out and it was nice to spend time together as well!  I'd recommend this Festival as a 'must see' if you are in the Bristol area for next year's event!

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  1. Wow! It looks amazing! Very busy though! Sounds like it was great for you and your dad!


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