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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Charity Shop Bargain Buy!!

Don't you just love it when something in a charity shop catches your eye and immediately you know what you will use it for!!!!!  Well when I saw this retro 70's cassette holder I had that exact feeling!!

The stamp pad to the side of it should give you a hint!!!  Yep my ink pads fit perfectly into the slots so it makes a fantastic funky ink pad holder!!!!

It even has additional storage to the side

I paid £1 for it and it is really sturdy so a complete bargains!!

Here is how it looks now


  1. LOVE it! And am not jealous of it at all :P

  2. That is SO KEWL! I love how this works for the ink pads! I love shopping at the GOODWILL and ST Vincent DePaul stores in our area!! Treasures are all over the place....


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