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Friday, 23 November 2012

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes!!!!!

Hope everyone is ok today.  I've spent the day at home in the kitchen today and have chicken bubbling away in the Slow Cooker for dinner and I've baked 2 cakes and they are cooking nicely as I type!!  I saw an alternative Christmas Cake recipe in a store magazine where you use 2 jars of sweet mincemeat - to any of my American readers this is not meat at all but a mixure of spices and fruits in a jar usually used to make little tarts at Christmas!!  If the cakes come out nice then I will share the recipe tomorrow with you!!  Recipe here!!

On the subject of cakes, I wanted to tell you about my sister Hayley who makes custom celebration cakes and decorative cupcakes.  She has made some fantastic cakes and they taste delicious!!  She is known as The Sugar Plum Fairy and you can find her over on Facebook here.  She is based in Bristol and is always eager to try out new designs and ideas so feel free to contact her via Facebook or through my blog.

Here are some of here lovely cakes

You can see more of Hayley's fab creations over on her facebook page.

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