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Sunday, 24 March 2013

NEC Hobbycraft Show and a Tag!!

Well what silly weather we are having for this time of year!!  Yesterday, despite it snowing in the north of England, I caught the coach to Birmingham for the Hobbycrafts Show at the NEC.  After a few blizzard like storms along the way, I arrived in Birmingham on time.   It was snowing and had settled on the floor.  I had to catch a local bus to take me to the NEC and this was very late arriving and then took 25 minutes to get to the NEC - nearly as long as my journey from Bristol to Birmingham!!!  I arrived around midday at the NEC and got straight on with my shopping.  I'd arranged to meet a fellow crafter from one of the Facebook groups I am in so spent the day walking around with her and her little boy.

There were some lovely items available there and I managed to get most of what I had on my list as well as a few extra things!  My favourite new things have to be the Treasure Gold and Copper waxes that I bought they are are fab for rubbing onto virtually anything to give a metallic sheen.  They even work on metal!!  I also got some lovely new stamps from Inkylicious, I love their stamps so much!!!

Here's my little shopping bag full from the NEC

I made this tag today to try the Treasure waxes out and was very pleased with the result and how nicely they finish off an item.  The light wsn't great today and the colours are actually more vivid than they look in the pic.  I think you can just about see the gold and copper metallic bits on the textured parts!

Did anyone else go to the NEC for the Hobbycraft Show this time around??  If you did, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and got to buy and see some lovely things!

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