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Friday, 31 May 2013

A Lovely Day Out at the Vintage and Handmade Fair

Hi there everyone!

I thought I'd tell you about a lovely Vintage Fair that I go to in a little place called Chipping Sodbury.  The fair is on a few times a year and they also do a Vintage Textile Fair and a Vintage Jumble Sale - details can be found here.

Last Saturday I set off early on the bus and went along to the fair with a friend.  It's always very busy there so best to get there early.  I have been the first one at the door for the last few fairs and received a goody bag which the first 100 through the door get!  I usually pay my £1 entry, get my hand stamped, take my goodie bag and go for a wander outside until the fair is open!  There is another little vintage fair held over the road on the same day at St John's Church Hall so I go there as well.  Chipping Sodbury is a quaint place with some really great old buildings.  It has a very wide High Street so you can spend a nice few hours looking around. 

Anyway - the fair is always interesting to look at with some nice old things as well as lots of lovely shabby/vintage styled handcrafted items.  The prices vary alot but you can pick up some nice lace and other bits and bobs for quite a cheap price.  There are other things that are lovely but alot more expensive!!  It of course depends on the age and condition and whether it is a rarer item!  i don't think I have every come away empty handed!!!

There is a refreshments area that have the most fantastic array of homemade cakes and tea or coffee in vintage china cups with saucers!  I always manage to force down a piece of cake!!

Anyway - here is my little haul from last Saturday

This was a back copy of a Vintage Magazine that is so lovely, I thought I would show it to you!!

I picked up these 2 cute jam jars with pretty little fabric covers full of buttons for just £1 a jar. 

There were some interesting buttons in them including some of these - on the back it said 'Made in Deccan'.  I've spent alot of time living in India so I knew these were Indian just from the word Deccan and there was a factory name and registation number so I thought they were pretty old.  I did abit of research and found out that the Deccan area was well known for enamel buttons usually either solid silver or just silver coloured.  Gold coloured ones are rarer and these are a brassy gold colour!!  The wording on the back dates them as pre 1947!!  I was really thrilled to have these buttons in my collection!

I also picked up this in a bag for 50p

Well worth 50p!!

 Not quite sure what this it though - if you know please comment and tell me!!  One solid part and the other bit is a long springy piece of metal!

There was a box of lovely wooden cotton reels as well for 50p each, I think the reels were worth that alone!!  I picked up these 3 colours

Again - the fabric and the roll of brocade fabric were in a bargain box and were 50p and £1 respectively!!  I think I might use the brocade for making some flowers!

The lace in the pic was gorgeous and was 50p a metre - here's a close up pic of it!!

So I had a nice bagful of goodies and actually didn't spend that much to get them!!

Check out the link above for details of the next Vintage and Handmade Fair and if you are in the area, pop along!!

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