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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sentiment Hearts

Good morning - well it's morning here in the UK!!!  Surprisingly the sun is out today after several days of wet and windy weather so I may even venture out later!  I really don't like it when the weather starts to get cold, Winter is my least favourite season!  I am dreading the snow and ice, I tend to stay at home when that comes as I'm always worried about falling over.  Good thing that I can always find plenty to keep me occupied!

I've been making some more of my sentiment hearts - not sure if I've posted about these before but they are quite popular!

Here are the latest ones

All available to buy for £4.00 each plus postage over on my Bumble Bee's Craft Den Facebook page.  Pop on over and have a look, you will find them in the album entitled 'Hearts'.  Lots of other different ones there too that can be made up to order.  As well as UK addresses, I can also post to the US and Canada.

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