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Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year and a Cinnamon Stick Fragrancer

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year to you all.  Hope that 2014 is a great year for everyone with lots of creativity going on!

I was browsing through Pinterest and saw these cute little cinnamon stick nativity ornaments and liked the idea of it but as I am not religious, the nativity scene didn't really appeal to me.  I made the frame up and decided it would be great to hang at anytime of the year as a fragrance ornament.  I just added a slice of dried orange (I did some of these myself before Christmas as they were expensive to buy already dried!!).  You can find instructions to make the frame and the nativity here.

I used a piece of jute string to hang it and just used my glue gun to attach it to the ornament.  I also stuck the orange slice and star anise with the glue gun and I put glue on the back where I had tied the raffia to secure it more.

Here is the one I made

As you can see I positioned my cinnamon sticks alittle differently at the bottom than shown in the tutorial but both ways look good.  I can now add fragrance oil to the orange and all of the other bits whenever required and as well as looking pretty, it smells lovely!

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  1. What a great fragrancer to make. It looks really great, and I bet it smells gorgeous. Thanks for your recent comment - I'm OK and just getting back into blogging, Really didn't make many posts last year, although I was crafting, but plan on keeping it up for 2014 - we will see how it goes. I'm just getting into looking through pinterest for ideas and inspiration. xxxx


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