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Monday, 31 March 2014

Lunch at Brick Lane and Leather Flowers

Well we've had a lovely couple of days weatherwise in the South West of England. I caught the coach up to London on Saturday and spent the afternoon with a friend of mine who was over from India.  It was so nice to be able to roam around in the sunshine without a coat.  We did alot of walking and went to Brick Lane for a very tasty lunch in a Bangladeshi restaurant called Aladin!  For non UK readers, Brick Lane was the title of a book set in this area of London written by Monica Ali.  It was also made into a movie and is about a Bangladeshi woman who comes to England after an arranged marriage.  If you haven't read it, it is a nice read and the movie was also good.

Onto crafting now!!!  I have a bag of leather offcuts and they have been doing nothing for quite a while!  I decided to make some flowers using some new Sizzix dies that I recently purchased.

I made some quick and simple ones to start with which will be good to sell at fairs I think.  The one die was used to cut all the layers on the flowers.  I made a few different colour combos and turned them into brooches.

I have another Sizzix die that cuts out 2 different sized petals to make large flowers and I saw a fab video on YouTube which I followed.  My petals are bigger and a different shape but I am really pleased with how the flower came out.  It is very large and a gorgeous vibrant pink colour.  I also made this into a brooch!  I have put a £1 coin next to the flower just to show how big it is!

Hope you like them!

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