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Monday, 9 May 2016

Hello Again and Pics from Goa

It's been quite a while since I last blogged!  I was in Goa for 3 months and arrived back at the beginning of March so was not doing anything much except relaxing and sunbathing and partying with friends!

The pace of life in Goa is much slower and very laid back and I love it there!

And of course the weather is fabulous (except in the monsoon months when it can rain heavily for hours on end!)

I like to stay in a small village in South Goa - when I first stayed there in 1994, it was a small fishing village but over time it has become more built up and now has alot of restaurants and shops.  It still has a village feel to it though so I still enjoy staying there.  

The local fish market is interesting

and the fruit and veg stalls are very nicely laid out!


The sunsets are amazing and I never tire of taking photos of them!


The beautiful beach goes on for miles and miles so great for beach walks.


Some great wildlife to see



Some even pop into local restaurants!

The market is very colourful and crammed full of interesting items.

Well worth a visit if you haven't been!  I've just booked my ticket to return at the end of November and will be counting down the days!!

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