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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Little Bit of Shabby Chic!

Oooh I've got the Shabby Chic bug!!  I blame my sister, she has started this off!!  I've been on the look out for anything that I can paint and shabby up!  I am only starting with small pieces for now though!

I picked up a little corner shelf unit at a car boot sale for a bargain £1 and thought it would be great to paint up!  I will be able to take it along if I do a craft fair as it is small enough to sit on a table corner nicely!  I sanded it down and painted the spindles in a chalky paint and then sanded it again and then waxed it to get a smooth finish.  For the shelves I just sanded them down and got rid of a few minor water marks and then waxed it and left it natural.  I am really pleased with it - here is a before and after photo!

I made the frame in the photo also - well I tarted up a plain old wooden frame!  I made a lovely puffy, satin flower and a little bit of bunting to decorate it after I had painted and waxed it.  I also distressed it alittle to give it a vintage look.

Hope you like them both as much as I do!

Thanks for stopping by!

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