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Monday, 2 June 2014

Shabby Ornate Frame Revamp!


I am still painting everything in sight!!  This ornate frame in Poundland caught my eye - it is plastic and very lightweight and they had them in white and black in 3 different sizes.  I wondered if I could paint it and jazz it up as I am not keen on black and white colour schemes!  Here is the frame before I started.  I forgot to photograph it so have found a pic on the web of the frame - I will try and take a pic instore this week!

I bought the same size as the one above and for £1 they are ok but very light and flimsy!

Anyway, first of all I painted it a few times in a cream colour.  The paint went on but I needed 2 coats as the surface was shiny.  I then decided to put a vintage shade of green on top, this went on better and I was able to hold the frame up to the light to see any spots I had missed (the lightweight plastic was good for this!).  I gave it a couple of coats and then once dry I rubbed a little Briwax into it to keep the paint in place.  It rubbed the colour back in some places but this was ok as it gave a shabby, vintage look to it and also brought the cream paint through as well.  I then used some greeny gold Treasure Wax on the raised decorative parts and then some gold Treasure Wax on top of that.  This gave it an nice, aged look.  I am really pleased with the result and I don't think you would believe it was only a cheap £1 frame if you saw it!!

Now the only thing I would say is that the stand on the back is not fixed on very well and fell off!  I could not get it to go back on so decided to paint the inside of it black and make a framed blackboard instead!

Here is the finished result!

Hope you like it!


  1. It's amazing what you have managed to do with a £1 frame. Looks much more expensive now. Linda xxx

    1. Thank you Linda - the Treasure waxes really were the finishing touch I think!!


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