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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Tree!

I've not posted since before Christmas but have a few things to blog.

Firstly, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and received lots of lovely crafting goodies!!!  I also hope that all of your handcrafted gifts were appreciated by the recipients!

We normally put up an artificial tree but I much prefer a real one.  This year my parents were away for Christmas so my sister and I decided we'd go and buy a real tree.  My goodness, haven't the prices shot up this year!!!  I was expecting to get a small one for about £4.99 - shows how long ago it was that I bought a real tree!!!!  We only wanted a small one about 4 and a half foot and in the end we got it from the local forestry place that sets up especially for Christmas.  I told the chap we didn't want to pay much as it would only be up for 2 weeks and was shown the bargain basement area of trees!!!!  He showed us some really sad looking trees and then I spotted one just outside of the area with the top abit broken!  As we would be cutting it abit anyway that was not a problem! We got it for £15 and was told that it is a Fraser Spruce which would be slow to lose it needles.

We had to get new lights as ours wouldn't work but here is the tree all decorated up!!


  1. what a lovely festive looking tree :) x

  2. Fab tree & a bargain. I love the smell of a 'real' tree but we don't have one - I usually cut some foliage off my conifer and use an artificial tree. x


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