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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Fridge Magnet Christmas Cards!!

I wanted to make my nieces a simple but fun Christmas card this year that was abit more than a card.  As they are only 9 and 3 it had to be something appealing to them. 

When I was in the US, I saw some nice 3D Wooden Christmas toppers that were  painted and I picked up 2 so that I could turn them into magnets to attach to a Christmas card.

I painted the toppers in a clear American Arts Glitter Varnish to give them abit of sparkle and stuck a small magnet to the back with Anita's 3D Gloss as this sticks very strongly.  I chose some co-ordinating paper and covered a card blank and stuck a magnet onto it.  I then put the topper onto the magnet on the card and that was it!!!

Here are the cards - simple idea yet my nieces loved them when I gave them to them tonight!


  1. Lovely makes - what a good idea. Would never of thought to make fridge magnets. Thanks for my little parcel the otherday ~ get well soon x

  2. What a great idea, they look great

  3. these are brilliant Angie! :) x


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