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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Excellent Customer Service By Sizzix US

When I was in the US recently, I bought a 'Happy Birthday' Sizzix die but didn't really get the chance to try it out until I got back to the UK.  I was so disappointed as it didn't cut properly and I could not get the lettering out of the paper without trearing it all.

Anyway, I contacted Sizzix UK who said that they were unable to help as the die was discontinued in the UK and suggested I contact the US Sizzix office.  I did this and received a reply from a lovely lady called Laura who was extremely helpful.  I sent her some photos of the die cuts that I was getting and she arranged for a new die to be sent out from the US office to me in the UK.  She also tested the die before sending and included the die cuts for me to see.

I am really impressed with the level of customer service that both Laura and Sizzix have given to me and it gives me alot of faith in their products. 

I tought I'd share this experience with you as it is not often people go out of their way to help so much.

Here's the lovely die

A big thank you to Sizzix US!!!!!!  Hurray!!!


  1. well done Sizzix , I must say i do like that shame its discontinued xx

  2. Well done you and well done Sizzix. x

  3. It's so nice to hear about good customer service for a change. Jaqui x


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