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Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Day Out Shopping With My Lovely Niece Issy!!!

Yesterday, I took my 9 year old niece Issy out to town shopping.

We caught the bus to town and first stop was Fabricland - this was abit disappointing as very few nice fabrics and no fat quarters.  Last week they had a whole table full of lovely FQ bundles.  Anyway - I just bought a reel of thread and some cotton tape in cream. (Look here to see what I wanted to do with it!!)
We then went to Poundland to pick up a few crafty bits for Issy.  We picked up some Watercolour Pencils for her to use on cards that she makes as she usually uses felt tips which are very heavy looking. 

We also had a look around St Nicholas Market which is an old indoor market and has been going for years.  It generally has a wide variety of stalls selling different things.  It's always good for a browse and Issy had never been there before.  There are also some lovely old buildings around there.  I found a new craft shop and a ribbon and yarn shop - they were actually the same shop but in 2 different units.    They had a big selection of ribbons and lots of cardmaking items so I was pleased to find this shop!

I noticed that there are lots of floral themed items of clothing and jewellery in the shops right now which is nice.  Looks like flowery may be the look for this summer.

Primark had lots of flowery things and I picked up this lovely bangle for £2

Primark also had a fab red throw that was in the 'Keep Calm' style and said 'Relax and Chill Out'.  I had to stop myself buying this as I have nowhere to put it but I just liked it!!!  I tried to take a crafty photo of it with my phone but it isn't very clear - it gives you an idea what to look out for though if you want one!!  They are priced at £7 each.  (Justine - I know you will want one of these!!!!)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Glad you had a lovely day out with Issy. I love your bangle it's so pretty and I do NOT want one of those throws! Why would I want one f those? Is it because it's, gorgeous, red and a Keep Calm stylee product?

    Yes it bloomin well is!!!! You know me far to well Ange, I want one xxx


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