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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Few Bargain Buys!

I popped out shopping this afternoon as I needed more stuffing for my sock animals!!  Get through quite alot of stuffing these days!!!

Anyway - I've been on the lookout for some nice paper napkins as I want to decoupage an old wooden drawer set that I got from Ikea years ago.  It has 6 little drawers and I'm sure nearly everyone has one somewhere!!  I varnished mine at the time but have not really used it much lately.  I've decided to rub it down and paint it white and then decoupage the outside.  I've seen some videos for decoupagin with paper napkins but have been unable to find any that I liked except for some Cath Kidston ones on ebay!!!  I was in Tesco's and spotted these

They are a duck egg sort of blue with raspberry coloured roses on. They are really pretty and were only £1.53 for a pack of 20 which I think is a bargain!!!

I also popped into Asda Living and they had small packs of 3 RUB (Really Useful Boxes) for £2.  These will be great for bits and bobs and they have clip tops on them.  The size of these is 0.3L.


  1. Good Bargains Angie! Love the napkins.

  2. Oooooo me likey those napkins. Will have to search for some more pennies :0)

    That bedspread looks familiar ;0) Where have I seen one of those before????? Will try and track you down later on MSN xx

  3. Great bargains, the napkins are really pretty. Looking forward to seeing the chest of drawers when it's finished. Love your sock elephant too!


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