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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Help Needed!!!!

Ok - I have been trying to get a banner/header across the top of my blog without success.  I want the little banner I have at the top already but I want it to go across the whole of the top instead of my blog name on the left as it is at the moment.  I've been seeing this done on lots of your blogs and it looks so nice.  I've tried many ways and someone tried to help me but we still didn't manage to get it to work.  I have the banner in the correct format and size saved on my laptop so if anyone has a solution I'd be really grateful!!

This is the banner I want to use

Edit - I think I've cracked it!!!!!

Many thanks


  1. Cant you just pop it into the header bar on the page elements page?

  2. Whats your template, maybe you need the mima one like me x fb chat in 5

  3. Looks great Angie I daren't touch mine in case it all goes wrong! And now I can't even get onto blogger on my main pc! It never rains!

  4. It looks great! I also absolutely LOVE the little bee in the bottom left corner!!


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