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Monday, 9 May 2011

Lace Sellotape!!

Following on from my last post when I showed you the lovely lacey sellotape that Bee Happy used on my prize parcels, Deb has said that she got it from Cox And Cox but thinks that John Lewis might sell it as well!!  I have been investigating and found some others that are available with input by Claire at What Shall I make Today!!

Claire found this one here for £4.25

Have a look at this one for £6.50 - how gorgeous is that!!!!

and this one for £5.50

Wow - these are fab, £3.95
There are lots and lots on Etsy as well.  I think this is another thing to go on my 'I want' list!!!!! 
Please feel free to comment and add any other ones that you find!!!!


  1. OMG those last ones are fab - I feel a purchase coming on :) xxx

  2. Oh my word!! How gorgeous is that, I think I really NEED some :) xx Congratulations on your win, you have some lovely things there xx

  3. grrrr Angie I didn't know how much I needed some of this!! Darn you!! congrats on your win though lol ;) xx

  4. oh my! how gorgeous are they... I too feel a purchase coming on... ooooooh noooooo! what have you done Angie?! I neeeeeeeeeeeed some!! lol! x

  5. Good post. I absolutely love this site. Stick with it!

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