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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some New Fabric Buys and a Great Charity Shop!!

I popped into town yesterday and as my bus stops right outside of the fabric shop I can never ever resist popping in there!!!

The have got some gorgeous cotton fabrics in this year.  I found it hard to choose!!

I only took half a metre of each of these in the end

and thay had some new bundles of fat quarter!!!!  Yay!!!  They had the most fabulous design and in one bundle it was in purple and red with co-ordinating polka dots FQ's and in another it was hot pink and pale blue with the co-ordinating polka FQ's.  That made a total of 4 FQ's in each bundle.  I could not choose between the colours so took a bundle of each!!  I love them!!

Here they are

I might attempt to make some tissue cases with these, I think they will look great!!!

I also popped into a little charity shop that I'd been told about called Marina and Friends Fundraisers - if you are in Bristol and in the Brislington area, do pop in.  It's an independant charity shop run by a lovely lady called Marina who fundraises for Mucopolysaccharide Diseases - you can find out more about this here.  You can read more about Marina's shop here and join her page to show your support!  It is the smallest shop I've ever been into and I had to almost push my way in yesterday!!  It's very popular locally and Marina knows everyone by name!!  The prices are fantastic as Marina believes in moving stock out of the shop as quickly as possible and making whatever money for the charity that she can.  There are lots of books priced at just 20p each and cheaper if you buy a bulk amount!!  I picked up some books, cotton thread, a few craft items and  a lovely small vintage cut glass dish.

Here's the dish - not a great photo I'm afraid but I'm sure you will know the type of thing I mean!!!

I guess at one time this had a large triffle bowl to go with it but now it will go in my bedroom!!!  I love this style of glassware!

If you have any unwanted items and are local to the shop, please think about donating the items to this worthwhile cause.


  1. ooooh that fabric is gorgeous! And the pressed glass is lovely, doesn't it come up nice after a good dip in hot soapy water xx

  2. Gorgeous fabric - I think the FQ'S are stunning. There is a fabric shop near me that has shelves full of FQ's and I never buy any cos the choice is too much (plus I wouldn't have a clue what make with it other than a quilted cushion cover). xx

  3. I love the floral fabric, the blue one with pink roses. Gorgeous glass dish my lovely x

  4. Really lovely fabrics Angie - you're going to have great fun playing with them. The wee glass dish is very sweet also.


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