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Friday, 10 June 2011

Bargain Fake Tan!!!!!

Now I know this post won't appeal to everyone but I wanted to share this brilliant bargain product with you all!!

I love testing out different fake tan products as I'm not one to lie around in the sun for hours trying to catch a tan and I always like to put sun tan lotion on my face if I'm out in the sun as paraonid about wrinkles!!!!

Anyway, I love St Tropez for my body but never keen to put tan that develops over a few hours on my face as if it goes wrong you can't get rid of it!!!

I saw in a magazine that a instant fake tan had been give rave reviews by This Morning on tv and it was from Poundland - yes you read that right!!!!  So for just £1 I thought I'd give it a go!!

It's an instant shimmer tan called Bronze Ambition Glow 'N' Go and it's made by Creightons.  It comes in one shade I think as no sign of any others.  You just rub it in your face or body and then when you don't want it on anymore you just wash it off. 

It give's a really nice even colour and it doesn't stain your hands very much when you use it although you should still wash your hands straight after applying!

Probably best not to wear it with white clothes but you could test it and see!!!

Here is what you need to to look out for

I forgot to say that it has a pleasant coconut fragrance to it. 

They also do another fake tan by the same manufacturer that is the type that develops over a few hours.  I didn't buy that one but may go back for it!!!

Grab yourself a bargain and have a tan even if the weather is miserable!!!


  1. Hello Angie
    I dont do fake tan but wanted to say Hello now that blogger is behaving

  2. Hi Angie

    I'm always wary of fake tan as I've been the victim of the "tangoed" look on more than one occasion. Might give this a go.

    Claire xx

  3. Looks great. Might have to give it a go!

  4. I can't bear to sunbathe or even walk in the sun, it makes me feel faint! The result is that one of my nicknames is 'Casper' so I may have to try this stuff!!!!!


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