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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Father's Day Newspaper Style Card

I've been wanting to make a newspaper style card for ages and I was lucky enough to have a fantastic tutorial sent to me by Caroline - she did a brilliant job and made an easy to follow tutorial with photos.  Thanks Caroline!!!!

My dad doesn't like cards with things like bears or anything like that on them.  He cannot understand why bears are put on so many cards lol!   Therefore, I have to try to find/make gardening themed cards as this has been his hobby for as long as I can remember!  He's had an allotment for many many years and we have been lucky enough to enjoy some lovely fresh vegetables since we were small kids.

Anyway - I made the basic newspaper card and then decorated it with some gardening decoupage that I'd picked up at the Ally Pally in April.

I'm really pleased with the result and will be making many more of these now I have the hang of it!!!


  1. Thats a good idea for a card, well done you xx

  2. Hi Angie
    Love Love Love this card! So very clever
    Re my trellis cards as I call them lol - the first one I did I put a frame around so it didnt show - the second one (todays ) and another that I am working on I have covered the card in DP so it shows through the trellis I actually think this also looks much neater on the inside -hope this helps
    Love Jan

  3. That's a great card, it looks fab

  4. Hi Angie,

    What a fab card, glad you managed to follow the instructions for the template, and hope your dad liked it xx


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