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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Glass Tile Jewellery

I've been playing with glass tiles recently and they are very addictive!!!!

I've just ordered some more as I've used all the first lot  up!! 

They look great on necklaces and bag charms and can have all sorts of images on them including photos or pretty papers.

Anyway - here are a few things that I've been making using the tiles

Some of these are available still to buy over on my Facebook page along with a few others.

I've deleted the shop application on my Facebook page as it wasn't working out postage properly.  I have started a photo album to show any items of jewellery that I have for sale so if there is anything you'd like to purchase just comment under the photo and I'll be in contact!


  1. Wow they look great - love the red,white & blue one xx

  2. Gorgeous stuff! Love the union jack one and of course the little bird cage ones. xxx

  3. Fabulous makes - the tiles are something I keep meaning to try, yours are so good!

    I am also loving the tags, how did you do them? You can post on my blog how you did them if you would x


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