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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Home is Where the Heart is!!!

I'm not sure if you will remember the 'Home' wooden letters that I bought from Sainbury's a while back but in case you don't, this is what they looked like

They were lovely letters but I just hated the dirty greeny looking, wishy washy colour.

I bought some acrylic paint at the Hobbycraft sale for 49p in a lovely shade called 'Butter' and after rubbing the letters with sandpaper I painted them with the 'Butter' paint.  I then rubbed them down again going back to the wood in some places to create an aged look.  I then painted them again and rubbed them down - did this a few times!!  The brush marks were showing on the paint so I then used a piece of natural sponge and applied the paint again with this.  I then rubbed it down and the brush marks had gone and the surface texture was much nicer.

After wiping off the paint dust, I then set about decorating them to jazz them up a little!!  I had a look through my collection of buttons and picked out some that had texture or an interesting look.  To some of them I added twine to give a more rustic feel.  I then stuck them to the letters in different positions.  I am pleased with how my letters now look!!  Here they are

Hope you like the finished look!!!


  1. This looks so much better, I love the colour and the adornments! :)

    I have the word HOME above the hallway door and in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago my E fell off and landed on the floor with a bang and gave me a right old fright!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. They look gorgeous, well done you, very creative x

  3. They look great. I love the buttons.

  4. That looks great you must have been very patient xx

  5. These look amazing Angie. I love that colour and the buttons finish things off nicely. Claire x

  6. Wow how fantastic are these now! I love the look and the colour is great. The buttons just finish it off. With all that rubbing down it must have been a labour of love xxx

  7. What a transformation. They look great. Jaqui x

  8. Wow Angie, what a great job you've done here and yes, I do remember you buying them!

  9. wow Angie what a difference, such a brilliant idea...I love rummaging for things like this dont you
    Mina xxx

  10. They look great, well done

  11. Gosh what an improvement you've made to them. Well Done - all that rubbing down must have taken ages! x

  12. I am looking for the word HOME in script black letters to put on top of a shelf in my living room. have not found it yet. Might have to get the individual letters at Michaels and paint myself... I like your design too!


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