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Friday, 22 April 2011

Out and about in Somerset!!!

What a lovely sunny day today, just the weather for going out for a drive with my fab friend and 'that' car!!!

Today, we drove quite close to home to Brean which is in Somerset for those of you not local!!  It's quite a popular place for people to come for holidays as there are several large caravan parks and camping sites there and lots to keep kids occupied!  The beach is not particularily nice and there is alot of mud if you venture out into the sea but it is still quite pleasant with some nice cliffs and you can drive up and down the beach so of course we did!!!!!

On the cliffs there were several goats that seemed to have no fear of the sheer drop under them, it was weird to see them climbing up and down the cliff!
You can just see them on the first pic, little white dots and then clearer on the next 2 photos!

 There are steps that you can climb to get to the top of the cliff but we didn't venture up them today!!

We also went to the amusement park and went on a few rides!!  My friend is trying to get me to go to Thorpe Park with him but I am not sure I could manage the large roller coasters!!  We went on the Log Flume today and got very wet and also on another ride called 'Magic Mouse' which was a kind of roller coaster except that the cars spun round when we went around the corners, sounds tame but it wasn't lol and it made me realise that I couldn't manage the bigger coasters!!!!

These big balls were abit strange - I don't think I'd like to put a child inside of one but I suppose it's good if there isn't a creche facility!!!

The other thing we went on was the Terror House - we were watching people go on it and saw 2 small boys around 7 yrs old in one of the cars.  Now - I don't have kids but I have nieces and I would not allow them to go on this ride!!  We sat in our car and these kids went through the Terror House and came out in their car through a door with their heads in the laps which made us laugh but then they came through the last set of doors crying their eyes out!!  It was awful really but I'm sorry to say we laughed, just at the changes in expression on their faces!  It was one of those 'had to be there' moments and I know you are probably all thinking how mean we are but we couldn't help it!!  When we went through the doors it was quite gruesome and bloodthirsty, very good actually but it would be very frightening for a child.  I'm sure the silly parents will be rewarded though with many sleepless nights.

We finished off by driving along the seafront at Weston Super Mare and then made our way home. 

Another fun day out, hope it's sunny all weekend so we can go out again.

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