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Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunny Evenings, Good Food and Seaside Drives......

Yesterday, after the fish pedicure, I met up with my friend.  The sun was shining and we had a lovely drive around town with the roof down on my friend's Aston Martin - pure luxury!!!!  Nothing better than that with my sunglasses on and hair flying in the wind!!!!

We decided to eat early and chose a Oriental BBQ restaurant called Teppan that looked interesting.  We were the only people there as it was early so food service was pretty quick.  We sat at a table which had an electric grill in the middle of it and ate a small started of golden prawns and waited for our platter to be brought out for us to BBQ!  The platter consisted of a mixture of marinaded pork, beef, chicken and prawns.  We also had a bowl of fried rice to accompany it.  It's a lovely way to dine as you can put your food on to cook and chat whilst both taking part in the cooking.  The food was lovely and very filling and very reasonably priced.  I'd go back here again as it was very enjoyable.

Here's a photo of me with the BBQ!!!  Not that clear I'm afraid, both my friend and the waitress managed to shake the camera!!!!

After we left the restaurant we decided to go for a drive to Weston Super Mare which for those of you not in the West Country is a local seaside area which has in recent years had alot of modernisation.  It used to be abit untidy and rough around the edges and I had not been there for many years!!  Although, all of the attractions were closed as the season has not yet begun, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it had improved. 

It was famous for it's lovely old Grand Pier which was sadly destroyed by fire in 2008.  The old pier was 104 years old.  I remember having lots of fun days during my childhood on the pier and then later on in my teens on Bank Holidays.

Here are a few pics of the old pier over the years.

This one is 1906 - I love this photo!!

Here again in 1915

and here in more recent years before it burnt to the ground

The new pier is a modern version, I took some photos last night but it was getting dark so not so clear

Sorry they aren't clearer!!!  The new pier looks quite nice though and is lit up at night.

Another photo taken just after the sunset at WSM

The evening was so warm that we drove all the way back from Weston with the roof down - mind you the heated seats and floor heating did help!!!!

Had a lovely day out, made me feel like summer has arrived!!!!  More sunny days and nights required please!!!!


  1. Oh Angie it looks like you had another fab day out! Liking the look of the restaurant you went to.

    Have a fabulous day tomorrow.

    Claire xx

  2. What a fabulous way to spend a day. Thanks for putting up a picture of you. I now know who I am looking for at the station tomorrow! xxx


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