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Monday, 25 April 2011

Maxi Dresses

Well it looks like maxi dresses are going to be big again this summer.  They are in every clothes shop you look in!!  I didn't buy any last year but have been looking for a pretty patterned fabric.  I found the perfect one for me in Matalan priced at just £14 and it looks lovely on

Here it is

There are many designs and fabrics available in the shops so I'm sure there is something for everyone!!!  The supermarket clothing departments also have some great ones at reasonable prices.

Here are a few that have caught my eye

Matalan   £30

Matalan £25

Tesco £25
Tesco £25
Tesco £30
Asda £10

Asda £14

So many fabrics and styles to choose from - has anyone else found any nice ones?  Hands up if you have bought a maxi to wear this summer???


  1. I think these dresses look so lovely on, I think they suit any shape or size and look stunning! My mum bought one last year and never wore it and I picked it up yesterday, I just need a under slip as its a tad see through for my liking lol

    Have a great day

  2. I didnt know if I'd get away with a maxi thinking they might be too trendy for me but I like the first one you pictured from Matalan might have to pop down for a nosy xx

  3. Love the Matalan one and the Tesco ones! Ive always been put off even trying these on as Im only 5ft 2" and not sure if they are best for those who are not vertically challenged. Do you wear these with wedges or flats (or either/or) - im not very good with fashion so sorry if thats a dumbass question! lol. Thanks for posting these. i might pop to Tesco tomorrow. xx

  4. I didn't buy a maxi dress last year as I could'nt find one I liked and as Im only 5ft 3 and a half (the half inch really makes a diffrence you know!)
    I thought it might look silly. But after reading your post I have seen a couple I like and I've had a little 'wilf' around on the tinternet and found a few really nice ones....which I might share with you later !!! xx

  5. Check out my blog there is something there for you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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