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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Felt Flower Brooches

Brrrr it's a colder morning today - the temperatures are set to drop and there has been talk of some snow!!  Hope it doesn't snow as I really don't like to have to leave the house when it is snowing!!!  I'm not very good with cold weather and for years I used to escape the winter and go to live in India for 6 months! 

Anyway - I'm loving working with felt at the moment.  I have a huge pile of it in a rainbow of colours, it's lovely to look at!!

I've been making some flower brooches with some embroidery and bead and sequin detail on them.  The colours are lovely and bright.  They are nice and flat so sit nicely on a jumper or coat as well.

Sorry the photos aren't great because of the terrible light!  I found it very difficult to get the true colours to photograph well especially the teal ones which are lovely and bright in real life!!

I'm selling them over on my Facebook group - Bumble Bee's Craft Den so pop across if you'd like one!!

I've also made a felt hanging heart and I put a little of my dried lavender into it so it has a faint smell to it!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. These felt flowers are so pretty! thanks for checking out my blog.


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