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Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Makes - Phone Pouches and Bag Charms

Well the good news is that the snow has melted - yippeee!!!!  It is still pretty cold though!!!  The sun has made an appearance today though so maybe Spring is on it's way!!

I've got a few more phone cases to show you, my sister wanted one so made her one as well!!  Here are the ones I made - these don't have the flap over with the press studs like the other one that I made, they are a pouch style.  They are quite large and fit the iphone 4 nicely.


I know it's not Mother's day in the UK until March sometime but I thought I'd make up a couple of bag charms with 'Mum' charms on them.  The metal charms are really nice and I picked them up from ebay.

Here are the bag charms

The photos aren't great as the light kept changing today!!!  I did one in my favourite 'Salsa' mix of colours and the other in 'Ocean' colours.  Both are nice and bright and contain some gorgeous glass beads. They are for sale over on my Facebook page if anyone is interested!  Sorry UK addresses only.

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