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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fun in the Snow!!

We are experiencing some wintery weather in the UK at the moment.  I live in the South West and we are surrounded by hills so we usually don't suffer too badly with snow.  We had a decent helping of snow a few days back though and as usual the UK came to a standstill hahaha!!  I am happy to go out for a walk in freshly fallen snow but not at all interested once it has turned to slush and ice!  I live alittle out of town so quite alot of green space and trees, which look very pretty when we get snow or frost.  My niece Issy had the day off as her school was closed so she came walking with me.  I thought I would share some of the photos that I took as they are pretty!!

Some of the photos I took with the snow setting on my camera and some I used black and white which has a nice effect on a snowy landscape I think.

I love it when there is a splash of colour on a snow covered tree - these Catkins give a nice bit of colour in this next photo.

We walked down by a river that was moving surprisingly fast!

And lastly one of me!!!!!

It's snowing again now but hopefully won't come to anything!!  I've not been out of the house since my walk on Friday - I don't like the cold weather and when it gets slippery, I won't risk falling over on ice for anything!!

Keep warm everyone!!


  1. Lovely photographs. I'm up North and we have lots of snow here too. xXx

  2. Hello Angie,
    Your Photography is so Beautiful.
    My name is Dale and I live on the eastern coastline of Australia just North of Sydney.
    I am surrounded by Lakes and Beaches so no Snow however I do have family near Thredbo which is beautiful in Winter.
    My Aussie friend, her UK Hubby and little boy are moving back to Australia so I will enjoy seeing all your UK photography now.
    Again, your photos are truly amazing ....
    Dale :)


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